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California Eviction is an offshoot of Landlord’s Legal Line that was established in 1996, when the internet was still in its infancy.
The concept of the site was and always has been to make the legal aspects of Property Management available to Owners and Property Managers. Giving them the tools to manage their properties in full compliance with the Laws of the State of California. We have arranged the site so that the information is at your fingertips. No more scouring the web for information that may or may not be current. Unlike some sites, we are only for California Landlords.
California Eviction has included articles on subjects that are important, and may not be generally known to Landlords and in many instances even to California Attorneys. The site was built and is managed by Kenneth E. Wimer, Esq., a California Attorney who has been specializing in Landlord Tenant Law since 1979.
California Eviction offers a complete overview of California Unlawful Detainer Law, and all the forms necessary to the proper management of your property.

We have:

  1. Leases, and Rental Agreement. We also include a Vacation Rental Agreement;

  2. Special Notices, such as Megan’s Law, and Civil Code 1962 and 1962.5 Notices;

  3. Legal Notices, with instructions on their use;

  4. Court forms, some in a bundle. You fill in most information only once;

  5. How to get a default judgment;

  6. Trial information, we tell you how to set for trial, and how to manage your trial;

  7. How to get your writ of possession and how to get possession of your property;

  8. Information on abandoned personal belongings;

and much more.

The forms are in two formats, exe, and pdf. Both formats can be  downloaded to your computer, and filed out on your computer. The PDF format can be completed on line saving valuable hard drive space  (Be aware that on some occasions you may receive a warning that exe formats are dangerous. Be assured that ours are safe.)

We have had subscribers coming back year after year, using our site continuously. We are confident that you will find the site a valuable addition to your Management Team, and therefore offer a 30 Money Back Guarantee.

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We offer 4 memberships,

  • the monthly membership, for $19.95 a month. (Cancel at any time)

  • Annual Membership $79.95 for a full year (recurring)

  • Email Membership $225.00 Gives you access to an attorney by email for one year.

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